Automatic Clean-Up for Multiresidual Analysis

The analysis of pesticide residues in food samples, particularly in fruits and vegetables is increasingly becoming an important activity. Pesticides residue laboratories are required to undertake analyses of an ever increasing number of samples and the automation of the pre-analytical steps is the key to get this high productivity.


Solution overviews

Multi-residual pesticides workstation is a versatile assistance for all the laboratories that perform this analysis. 

This solution is the first of its kind to automate the QuE​ChERS Sample Preparation Method which was up until now done manually.

The workstation is able to automatize the clean-up and filtration steps using specific QuEChERS and filtration tips. The mixtures of salts are putted into disposable tips that are able to guarantee an efficient dispersive solid phase extraction and the filtration tip has a filter of 0.7 nm that guarantee the removal of trace of particulate in order to avoid contaminations of the LC instruments. 

The extraction process is faster, more reliable, and easier. This enables time and labor savings, while improving consistency and repeatability of the extraction

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Key features

  • Easy to use: Multi-residual pesticides workstation can be easily setted-up using Chronos. Chronos software permits to set-up intuitively analytical methods in few minutes.
  • Productivity: 96 sampels purified in less than 8 hours (clean-up and filtration). Possibility to use it during the night. Use of double tray holders (patented by Labotics Italia) permit a twice capacity of samples storage.
    Ability to add sample capacity to your lab without adding staff or paying overtime.
  • Flexibility: 15 ml or 50 ml Falcon tubes can be used. Different configurations can guarantee different throughputs, starting from few samples per day up to 96 in 7 hours.
  • Repeatability: Multiresidual pesticides workstation guarantee a hi.
  • Other benefits: Improve workplace safety and reduce the impact your lab operation currently has on the environment

Implementation phases

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