Giorgione – the newest automatic labeling solution for Petri dishes

Giorgione is the unique and fastest labeling automation for 90 mm Petri dishes
Giorgione is the best versatile solution for the microbiological and biological labs for standard analysis as TAMC and TYMC, or to label the Petri dishes required during the biocidal studies in few minutes.


Solution overviews

Giorgione is a versatile assistant for all the laboratories handling 90 mm Petri dishes. In the standard solution a 5 warehouse are available to storage 100 dishes and a continues loading is possible. Possibility to storage 15 Petri dishes labeled on board.

Whit its compact dimensions, Giorgione not only fit with any lab bench but it can be placed in a under a laminar flow hood. Moreover, its simple operation via ethernet, the possibility to connect it whit LIMS, makes Giorgione an ideal instrument for workgroups and daily routine activities.

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Key features

  • Easy to use: Giorgione offers an user-friendly interface for seamless monitoring without the need for additional of external PC. Giorgione works like network printer of Petri dishes.
  • Design: thanks to its dimensions, Giorgione can be installed on any lab bench and can also be placed under laminar flow hood, maximizing space efficiency.
  • Cost: Giorgione is a serial device, only electricity is required for operation. It is able to label a Petri every 4 seconds, faster than analyst.
  • Workflow integration: thanks to its software Giorgione provides optimal conditions for successful integration into various work environments.

Implementation phases

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