Technical assistance with augmented reality

Key Strengths

Average First intervention waiting time

4 hours

Machine downtime saved*

+ 3 days
*if remote intervention was successfull

Service Benefits

Our mission is centered on understanding and satisfying the unique needs of our customers. Our employees have achieved a high degree of specialization in automation, focusing our activities from the beginning on special applications. This approach has allowed us to develop detailed expertise, enabling us to deeply understand our customers, their needs, especially their “hidden” needs.

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Immediate and Effective Assistance

Augmented reality allows us to provide immediate assistance, reducing wait times and enabling a quick assessment of the issue. This can lead to an immediate solution or the scheduling of a more targeted intervention.

Direct Technician-Operator Interaction

Our employees achieved a high degree of specialization in automation. Since from the beginning we have concentrated our activities on special applications and this approach enables competence in detail. This enable us to really understand our customers, their needs and also their “hidden” needs in order to build a long-term relationship with them.

Overcoming Connection Restrictions

Many companies have restrictions that prevent the use of remote management software. With augmented reality, the technician can guide the operator without the need to connect to company PCs, ensuring security and compliance with internal policies.

Simultaneous Translation

Our assistance system allows for simultaneous translation of conversations, facilitating communication with international clients and enhancing the effectiveness of support.

Freedom of Movement

Using AR glasses allows the operator to have free hands, improving mobility and safety during interventions in the laboratory.

Cost Reduction of Interventions

Augmented reality reduces the need for physical interventions, saving on travel and transportation costs. Minor issues can be resolved remotely, making the assistance more cost-effective.


Innovative Automation for Superior Lab Performance

Labotics’ solutions automate and optimize laboratory processes, enhancing productivity, repeatability, and safety while reducing environmental impact. Designed to meet diverse analytical needs, our technologies ensure efficiency and precision at every operational step.

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